Questions to ask when you are afraid

Questions to ask when you are afraid

This creates real fearlessness. And most spiritual masters are in that state, a place of complete fearlessness.

When I start to look at my own fears and feel them, and when I think my fears are bringing me down and almost overwhelming me, even paralyzing me, because we have all been paralyzed by fear, some of us even more often than others. we’d like to admit.

When I get into this state, I analyze well and think, “What is it that I think I need to worry about? What is it that I think I need? Because that’s… Anxiety is an announced need.

So here is how I think:

‘What is it that I think I need?

“And, “Is it possible that I do not really need it?

What would happen if I did not have it?

 What if I did not get it?

What if what I think I need does not or can not happen to me?

“There are two ways that fear can manifest:

The idea that I am not going to get what I think I need, or that I am not going to get it, or the idea that I am going to lose something that I think I need, and that’s a very common experience among people, for example, in relationships.

Worries about power, fears about health, and so on, but most often almost all the fears people experience have to do with relationships of one kind or another, especially those delicate relationships called romantic, those “webs” of human experience.

The greatest fear of all fears !!!

First I am afraid that no one loves me, and then if someone loves me, I am afraid of losing that love.

How do I resolve this situation if I can – I enter a state of “sanity”.

This is when I understand who I really am and that I do not need someone else’s love to experience what I really am, to experience serenity, peace, calm and joy.

Every time I think that I need to attain my joy, or that it comes from somewhere outside of me, I get into FEAR.

Whenever I realize that the source of my happiness does not exist outside of me, but is offered by me, to me, FEAR DISAPPEARS.


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